Branson® GSX Ultrasonic Welder

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Branson® Ultrasonic Welder Model GSX

Experience precision and power with the Branson® GSX Ultrasonic Welder. Designed for optimal performance and versatility, this state-of-the-art welder is perfect for a wide range of applications, from delicate electronics to robust industrial components.

Available Refurbished!

Get the power of the Branson® GSX at a more accessible price point. Our refurbished units come with a warranty, ensuring peace of mind and reliable performance.

Key Features

  • ✓ Advanced electro-mechanical actuation system
  • ✓ Patented amplitude profiling and force stepping technology
  • ✓ Ultra-low 5N trigger force for delicate parts
  • ✓ Real-time feedback and closed-loop control
  • ✓ Quick-change process for rapid setup
  • ✓ Intuitive 10" touchscreen interface

Technical Specifications

Control Level Elite Precision, Elite Precision+
Frequency 20, 30, 40 kHz
Output Power 0.8kW - 4.0kW
Force Range Up to 2500 Newtons

Advanced Capabilities

The GSX offers multiple weld modes including Time, Energy, Peak Power, Ground Detect, Distance, and the innovative Dynamic Weld Mode. With its robust square column design and best-in-class repeatability, the GSX ensures consistent, high-quality welds every time.

Why Choose the Branson® GSX?

With its lightning-fast startup time, smart features like Find Part Contact, and unparalleled precision, the Branson® GSX is the ideal choice for manufacturers demanding the highest standards in ultrasonic welding technology. Opt for a refurbished unit with a warranty, you're investing in top-tier performance and reliability.