Sonitek's Bench top rotary systems provide you with increased productivity while reducing space requirements

The Sonitek Spectrum Series TRS rotary heatstaking system is a durable semiautomatic assembly system designed with standard components to meet most application demands for higher volume output. These standard systems feature a Camco precision electric indexer with a DC variable speed controller capable of indexing up to 20 indexes per minute! All of the components are self contained within the frame work and include the dial plate, with anti-deflection support mandrel located under the staking station to eliminate any deflection applied by the downward force of the heat staking system.

The space saving system measures (30" high (887mm) X 45" wide), and include our new opto touch palm buttons for on cycle demand or rotary selector switch to allow the system to run in semi automatic mode.


Heat staking systems are compact rugged units designed for uses in manual, semi-automated or fully automated systems. Used with the newly designed spectrum series microprocessor system controllers the entire line of spectrum series heat staking systems forms the most advanced "off the shelf" heatstaking systems available to the market.

The components enable versatile assembly system configurations. They may be used as stand alone systems, mounted directly onto any machine base with our fixed support on a column and hub or mounted directly into any frame for any directional approach. Even upside down.