Cold-Air Staking

The Sonitek Heat staking process with "post cooling" (which we coined "cold-air staking") was developed over 15 years ago by Sonitek and today is still one of the most important features for providing a reliable and repeatable process of heatstaking thermoplastic materials,especially materials with high melting temperatures or applications which may have a spring retention requirement.

What is our "Cold-air Staking" process? It's an important process we "borrowed" from the injection molding industry, simply put: "we cool the tool before we lift it just like you would chill an injection mold before you opened it"

We also like to call our heat staking process "remolding" because we apply all the processes and controls your injection molding machine does: Time, Temperature, Velocity, Pressure and Chilling are just some of the unique parameters our heat staking systems control for you.

We apply a controlled amount of chilling to drop the working temperature of the heated tool to 15 degrees F or more below the Glass Transition (melt temperature) of the thermoplastic material we are heatstaking. This "post-cooling" process allows us to heatstake even the most highly crystalline materials including polyamides, polyolefin's,LCP's and most engineered thermoplastic crystalline resins with melt temperatures even above 700 degrees F.! We like amorphous materials too! Including styrene, abs and polycarbonates! We didn't want to leave them out.

  If you can design your application to use an amorphous material, please do so!

Sonitek has heatstaked some very tough high temperature applications for "under the hood" uses in automobile applications and for "hotter" parts which are used "inside the engine". We even use our post cooling process to install brass inserts into high glass filled materials to prevent the inserts from rising up after thermal installation. It works great! Electronics, appliances, ordnance and power hand tools also have applications that required our process to successfully heatstake and still retain the tensile and/or tension properties needed for successful implementation of the plastic part. After all why do we heat stake? To reduce assembly and components costs! To eliminate fasteners of all types! To make our plastic assemblies more easily recyclable and to reduce the cost of capital equipment needed for assembly!

Why choose Sonitek? With over 8000 machines in use around the globe today assembling plastic parts in all kinds of industry, you can be assured our experience is second to none! We apply the science of thermodynamics, metallurgy, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering to design and build the highest quality heat staking systems and thermal tooling available and we do it at extremely competitive pricing. Our machines are standard off the shelf designs that keep costs down, our tooling is custom in most cases but standard components are used whenever possible. Let us design and build your next heat staking system and watch as we work hard to make you look good!

Sonitek Heat Staking, we're cool!