Sonitek Spectrum Series

NEW Heatstaking Presses!

Sonitek’s new SPECTRUM SERIES Heatstaking presses are designed with our 25+ years of expertise as compact precision systems that are packed with advanced features and options to make your thermal application run more reliably and more repeatable than ever before!

Sonitek Heat Staking Presses

Array of various models of Sonitek Heat Staking Presses and Systems for Assembly/Pressing operations.

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Called the Spectrum Series because they are designed to process the broad “spectrum” of thermal applications including these and many others:

  • Heatstaking and Heat Swaging all thermoplastics materials
  • Encapsulation
  • Installing Threaded Inserts, Torque and Compression Limiters and other fasteners
  • Sealing Membranes and other Filter and Film materials
  • Date-Coding and Serializing Components
  • Hot-knife degating & Trimming applications
  • Heat Sealing connectors (HSC) to printed circuit boards (PCB)
  • 100% compatible with older tooling designs.

The new Spectrum Series Thermal Presses are available in many different models and configurations from Bench top presses to linear thrusters of all sizes for tight spots and automation integration.
Product developers can now develop parameters in the lab and then break the same machine down into its smaller components and integrate them into automation. Spectrum is integrated and modular all in one! Spectrum encompasses all applications! Spectrum is right for you!

Spectrum Series Models:

Spectrum ULTRA Series
Spectrum ULTRA Series:

The Spectrum ULTRA Series is our “mid-level” yet feature rich Thermal Press with a broad range of options and accessories with a multi-level control package via color touch screen controls. They are available in two platform sizes for both small and medium sized applications. Ultra Series models take more control of processes and optional equipment.

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Linear Thrusters and Actuators
High Tonnage Thermal Presses

Our High Tonnage thermal presses offer up to 5 tons (or more) of force for larger molded housings, or parts with multiple staking or insertion locations and/or multiple planes.

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Spectrum BASIC Series
Spectrum BASIC Series:

The Spectrum BASIC Series is our new low cost compact thermal press with basic “easy to use” touch screen controls and integrated system controllers. They are designed for small applications with limited counter space yet have all the precision of most advanced systems.

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Linear Thrusters and Actuators
Sonitek Arbor Style Press (TS-100)

The Sonitek Arbor Style Press is ideal for low volume production runs or for prototyping applications

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Linear Thrusters and Actuators
LT (Linear Thrusters/Actuators):

The Spectrum Series THRUSTERS, Have a tight spot or high volume for automation. Use all the features of ANY spectrum series presses as modular components! Now you can take control of assembly and integration costs!

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Linear Thrusters and Actuators

Totally Electric Heatstaking Press using servo-driven motors and newly designed digital process controls to heatstake thermoplastic parts with precision driven technology for demanding applications. 

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