Sonitek’s new, all electric heatstaking system aptly named and trademarked Servostaker™ is a totally Electric Heatstaking Press using servo-driven motors and newly designed digital process controls to heatstake thermoplastic parts with precision driven technology for demanding applications.




  • Large color touch screen display with easy to use menu driven structure and embedded help system.
  • Programmable multi parameter process control limits for both suspect and reject parts.
  • Heat Staking Cycles controlled by time, incremental distance or collapse mode staking force, absolute distance, temperature loss or rise or trigger by position, part presence or part position and load sense.


Automotive, Medical and Electronic Device Manufacturers who have applications where soft thermoplastic materials like polypropylene, thermoplastic rubbers and other elastomeric resins or Thin Walled parts that could not support or withstand common pneumatically applied forces will find Servostaker™ to be the solution for all applications and a “kinetic energy killer”.


Safety features include anti- tie down/anti-repeat circuitry, light curtains and electronically interlocked safety enclosures along with Master Control relays for e-stop functions. Servostaker™ meets or exceeds all requirements for category 4 safety and complies with CE, NEC, OSHA and CSA guidelines.


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