How to Buy Sonitek Machines

Please note that most all bench top pneumatic Heat Staking machines require application specific upper and lower tooling which is best handled by speaking with one of our experienced Application Engineering or Sales personnel. In most cases we would require either sample parts, CAD files (preferably in 3D STEP format), and/or 2 dimensional prints, along with other application specific criteria & information pertaining to your products assembly requirements.

Please contact our main office using the Contact Us Form or call +1-203-878-9321 so we can work with you to provide a complete turn key system ready for production once it arrives at your facility.

Steps To Buy:

Step 1: Review Our Heat Staking/Thermal Product Line

We have 6 different products in our Heat Staking line up.

  Arbor Press  BASIC Press  ULTRA Press  High Tonnage Press

 Actuators & Thrusters

  hi-ton-icon.jpg servo-icon.jpg
   The Sonitek hand operated press is ideal for low volume production runs and prototyping.  Our Basic model press is a low-cost easy to use compact benchtop system.  The ULTRA Series line are advanced models with more options and accesories available and offers enhanced process controls!  With all the available features and options of the BASIC & ULTRA Press the High Tonnage allows for applications requiring high force.  These are compact rigid units designed for installation into semi/fully automated systems. They can be mounted in ANY orientation or direction.   All electric heatstaking system using servo-driven motors and newly designed digital process controls to heatstake thermoplastic parts.
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Step 2: Gather Nesssary Information

In order to Quote your system correctly we may need the following items:

  • Sample Parts
  • CAD Files (3D STEP, )
  • 2 Dimensional Prints
  • Any additional material pertaining to your products assembly requirements.

Step 3: Contact Us!

Consult / Contact our Sales Engineers