NEW! VERTEX Series - Most Advanced Self-Calibrating Heat Staking System

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The VERTEX SERIES advanced Heat Staking Press was designed from the start to set new standards in quality, safety, & performance. Offering high speed, ergonomic & repeatable solutions for precise and repeatable thermal applications, like heat staking (riveting) of plastic bosses, insertion, filter & membrane sealing, and many more plastics joining applications.

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Self-Calibration procedure & software for measurement values of Time, Pressure, Temperature, Distance for increased accuracy and compliance purposes Sonitek supplies the following:

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Approx. 300 lbs. (136 kg)
16” wide x 26.625” deep x 40.5” high, (406 mm x 676 mm x 1029 mm)
Throat Depth:
8” (203 mm)
5” (127 mm)
Height Adjustment:
19” (483 mm)
Air Requirement:
Clean (5 micron), dry air, 80 psi @ 20 CFM min.
Air consumption
= Stroke length (in.) x Cycles/min x SCFM factor
Power Factor:
7.07 (5 Series), 12.57 (10 Series), 19.64 (20 series)
Full Dimensions:
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