Heat Staking
  • Join plastic parts together without fastners, or glues by remolding your plastic parts with our presses.


Installing Inserts
  • Install metal inserts or fastners (i.e Dodge®, TriStar®, PEM®) into your plastic housings. Simultaneously install 1 or 100 at a time including onto multiple planes.


Date Coding
  • Date code or serialize your plastic parts with our heated numbering dies.


Hot-Knife Degating
  • Cut or Trim runners and gates cleanly from your plastic parts and injection molded parts. Degate with vestiges with tight tolerences.


Hot Stamping
  • Emboss or Deboss your plastic parts with or without foils.


Heat Sealing
  • Seal PTFE membranes, and other filter media. Also heat seal films, foils and other tamper evident packages.
  • Heat Sealing connectors (HSC) to printed circuit boards (PCB) and liquid crystal displays (LCD), and other substrates.


  • Swage walls of plastic to entrap metal objects or other foreign objects like PCB's and encase them into your plastic parts.