Plastic Welding of Thermoplastics/Synthetics

    Welding of Rigid Molding Plastics


Clamshell/Blister Pack Sealing
  • Eliminates adhesives, glues, stapels,clips, RF & thermal
  • Ultrasonic sealing provides Tamper Proof Protection, and meets all the sealing requirements from all the major retailers

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Metal Welding
  • 20 kHz Welding System for a wide range of nonferrous metal welding applications
  • 40 kHz Welding System ideal for precise welding of smaller gauge nonferrous metals and delicate assemblies


Corrugated Welding
  • Custom corrugated welders by Sonitek are designed to accommodate a variety of fixtures for ultrasonic welding, multi-point spot welding, swaging, sealing or inserting