Thermal Tip Maintenance Kit

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Thermal Tip Maintenance Kit 

Sonitek P/N 600-0503

Thermal Tip Maintenance kit: (Includes the following)       

  • 6 cc syringe of  thermal  transfer grease
  • 1 ox tub of Carnauba style wax
  • I pkg 6” single end cotton swabs
  • 2 Acid Brushes
  • 7/16 combination wrench


Use of  Wax:

When setting up or debugging a set of thermal tools, the wax is applied with a cotton swab to the contact face of the thermal tip at the process temp (<600° F). This application of the wax will dry almost immediately (with some slight smoking depending on the set temp) and provide a nonstick layer as you go thru the debug process. This prevents plastic from sticking to the face of the tip if the set temp is above the melting point of the plastic. It should be noted that when heat staking, the plastic is not being melted but rather softened so it can be reformed into a dome. If you should experience melting of the plastic, wearing work gloves, use a number of swabs and paper towels to wipe the plastic from the tip face. DO NOT use sandpaper, scotch-brite or any type of dental pick to remove the residue as you may damage the tip face further.


Use of Thermal Transfer Grease:

When installing thermal tips, coat the threads of the tip with the grease using the supplied acid brush, then run the jam nut down to the bottom thread. Check to see if there is a sufficient amount of grease left on the thread. If not, please reapply prior to installing the tip into the end of a CPA (complete probe assembly) or tip block holder if your tooling consists of a heated platen with tip block holders. Also, when replacing cartridge heaters be sure there is a liberal coating in the heater itself.  Remove the set screw from the side of the platen and re grease that as needed as well and reassemble.