Ultra-Tek 40.4 Ultrasonic Generator (40kHz)

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Digital Frequency Generator & Controller with Intelligent Cooling System Features:

  • Welds by by Remote (Continuous), Time, Energy or Peak Power!
  • Auto-tuning with Line and Load regulation maintains even amplitude.
  • Adjustable amplitude from 50% to 100% with digital control.
  • Auto-frequency and Power (wattage) displayed after each cycle
  • LCD Multi-function display
  • Test Button for vibrating horn or transducer
  • Protection against NO Load operation
  • Overload Protection to protect equipment
  • Power and Status Display
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Standard interface for Monitoring and Control with 15 pole D-sub connector.
  • Has thermal protection that turns on internal fan over heat-sink and also will shut system down when it gets too hot internally.
  • Adjustable LCD display for backlight and contrast.
  • CE Approved


Ambient temperature range -10c -+ 40c
40 kHz @ 400 watts 110Volt; 50/60Hz
9.85” wide (250mm) X 2.95” high (75mm) X 7.08” deep (180mm)
P.S. Weight: 6.17 lbs (2.8kg)


Sonitek P/N 1200-0027