Sonitek Ultrasonic Welders

& Assembly Equipment


Sonitek’s new Ultrasonic welders are designed with our 25+ years of expertise as compact precision systems that are packed with advanced features.


Spectrum BASIC Series
New & Used Ultrasonic Welders:

Sonitek has a wide variety of NEW & USED ultrasonic welders.

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Linear Thrusters and Actuators
Hand Held Ultrasonic Welders:

Hand Held systems are compact, lightweight tools for the assembly of large parts and those with hard-to-reach joint areas.

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Linear Thrusters and Actuators
Ultrasonic Tooling (Horns & Fixtures):

We design and build Horns, Fixtures and related tooling for ALL makes of sonic welders! Using the latest design and manufacturing techniques. Sonitek has the most modern machine shop and testing labs in the industry!

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Linear Thrusters and Actuators
Custom Ultrasonic Systems:

Sonitek Designs and Builds all types of Rotary Systems and other custom built systems with ultrasonic welders integrated into them for higher volume applications. For over 25+ years Sonitek has built hundreds of them!

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