The Rule on Joint Design: Let Sonitek Do It!


Perhaps the most ciritcal facet of part design for Ultrasonic Welding is Joint Design.
(The configuration of the tow mating surfaces).

The joint should be considered when the parts to be welded are still in the design stage and incorporated into the molded parts.

Fig. 1 Step joint Great for hiding flash

There are a variety of joint designs, each with specific features and advantages. Their selection is determined by such factors as type of plastic, part geometry, weld requirements, machining and molding capabilities, and cosmetic appearances.

Need more details?
Check out: Detailed Joint Designs

Fig. 2 Tongue and groove joint
Helps to locate parts

Fig. 3 Butt joint with energy director
The simple text book design .015" high x 90° included angle

Fig. 4 Shear joint
The best for hermetic seals, and the strongest joint

At Sonitek it's our job to make you look good!
Successfully welding parts off the first mold shot makes
us all look good!