Sonitek Ultrasonic Welders

NEW Ultrasonic Welders!

Sonitek’s new Ultrasonic welders are designed with our 25+ years of expertise as compact precision systems that are packed with advanced features.

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Spectrum BASIC Series
Used Ultrasonic Welders:

Sonitek has a complete selection of used and refurbished Ultrasonic Welders and Vibration Welders that are available in stock and ready to ship. All of our welders are refurbished by our experienced service technicians. Most refurbished welders are sold with a one year (or more) warranty!

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Linear Thrusters and Actuators
Hand Held Ultrasonic Welders:

Hand Held systems are compact, lightweight tools for the assembly of large parts and those with hard-to-reach joint areas.

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Spectrum BASIC Series
Bench-Top Ultrasonic Welders:

Sonitek's NEW benchtop ultrasonic welders are our new low cost compact ultrasonic press with basic “easy to use” touch screen controls and integrated system controllers. They are designed for small applications with limited counter space yet have all the precision of most advanced systems.

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Actuators/Power Supplies & Kits:

Have a tight spot or high volume for automation. Use all the features of ANY spectrum series presses as modular components! Now you can take control of assembly and integration costs!

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