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Certified Pre-Owned BRANSON® 2000XAE/XEAT Series Ultrasonic Assembly Systems - with a 3-Year Warranty

BRANSON® 2000XAE/XEAT are time or time & energy based ultrasonic welders. For distance welding click here: 

The Branson® 2000X Series, now available as certified pre-owned units, each backed by a comprehensive 3-year warranty. This series caters to a wide array of application requirements with its diverse models, ensuring reliable performance and precise control

Power Supply and Process Control Enhancements:

  • True Digital Autotune with Memory (AT/M): Automatically tunes and memorizes horn frequency post-weld, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Total Amplitude Control: Leveraging digital power supply technology for full amplitude control during the weld cycle, including programmable starting ramps, digital amplitude settings, and energy braking.
  • Programmable Starting Ramp: Customize starting ramps from 10 milliseconds to 1 second for various horns, optimizing start times and cycle efficiency.
  • Auto Seek: Measures and memorizes stack frequency with five selectable settings for enhanced precision.
  • Energy Braking: Stops the ultrasonic stack without the traditional "ring down," ensuring consistent energy input and faster stops for small horns.
  • Self-diagnostics and Monitoring: Provides visual, audible, and logic output alarms for system integrity.
  • Multiple Weld Modes: Offers flexibility with time, peak power, energy, or distance (absolute or collapse) weld modes based on control level.
  • Line / Load Regulation: Maintains output amplitude within ±2% for line voltage variations of ±10%, ensuring consistent welds.
  • Password Protection: Secures process settings against unauthorized adjustments.
  • Built-in Cycle Counters: Monitors production throughput and alarms for operational efficiency.
  • Selectable Pre-triggering: Options include auto, distance, and time for versatile operation.
  • System Protection Monitor (SPM): Five levels of protection including phasing, overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, and power issues.
  • Automation Interface: Supports direct integration with PLCs and PCs via a 24V DC logic interface.

Communications Features:

  • USB Port: Enhances connectivity with devices like memory sticks for easy data transfer.
  • X-Net: Embedded VNC client for remote monitoring and Ethernet networking.
  • External VGA Port: Connects to remote monitors or touch screens for expanded visual access.
  • Multilingual Message Display: Supports multiple languages including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (traditional and simplified).

User Interface Innovations:

  • Intuitive Navigation: Simplified access through touch keys.
  • Process Graphing with Overlay: Enables graphing of various parameters with overlay capabilities for detailed analysis.
  • PMC - Power Match Curve: Allows for the creation of a standard power graph with limit settings for process monitoring.
  • Customizable Setup Fields: Two write-in fields for additional setup information.
  • Horn Signature Graph: Compares up to three graphs for detailed performance analysis.
  • Full VGA Touch Screen: Offers a clear and interactive interface for users.

These certified pre-owned Branson® 2000X Series systems are adaptable to both automation systems and standalone operations in assembly cells, providing unmatched flexibility, control, and value for your specific application requirements.

Available Frequencies:
15 kHz
20 kHz
30 kHz
40 kHz

Wattage Ranges from 400W - 4400 depending on Power Level needed for applicaiton.

Line Voltage: 120-240V AC

Stroke Length: 3.9" OR 100mm

3 year warranty available.


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