Air Presses

Sonitek Air Presses are cleverly designed to help you reduce the cost of both implementation and actual production in your assembly and pressing operations!

Pressing forces range from 0-1400 lbs depending on model chosen.

Don't buy just any air cylinder when you can get these precise pneumatic thrusters designed for robust and precise use!

Our Models:

UP - Ultra Air Press (Advanced Controls + High Force): Our most advanced air press capable of more automation options such as rotary tables, pick and place robots, vision inspection, parts presence sensors, and much more!

DT Presses - Air Presses w/ Digital Timers: The Sonitek Air Press DT Series (DT = equipped with digital timers) bench-top air press are equipped with process controller for digital dwell time and parts counter.

AP Presses - Benchtop Air Presses: The Sonitek Air Press AP Series (AP = All Air Press) bench-top air press runs entirely on shop air and requires No electrical power to operate!

RS Presses - Low Cost & Compact: Sonitek’s RS Series air presses are our small and rugged bench-top air presses ideal for light pressing operations.

Thrusters/Actuators - Compact Units for Automation: LT Series (LT = Linear Thruster/actuator only) are compact rigid units designed for installation into semi automated or fully automated systems and can be mounted in ANY orientation or direction.