Branson® Ultrasonic Welders

Sonitek has a large selection of new & refurbished Branson® Ultrasonic Welders: 


BRANSON® 2000X SERIES: The latest most advanced ultrasonic welding machines and systems available in FOUR Frequencies: (20 kHz, 30 kHz. 40 kHz & 15 kHz), with power levels ranging from (400 - 4400 watts) and Touchscreen weld control levels (Time, Energy, Distance (collapse Mode), Peak Power and Force). Refurbished & fully Warrantied in all models available: save up to 60% off the cost of New ones!  


BRANSON® 2000 SERIES: Advanced ultrasonic welders with touchscreen or tactile membrane style controls. These are 2nd generation welders, like the newer 2000X models they are also available in control levels of Time, Energy, Distance (collapse Mode), Peak Power and Force.  


BRANSON® 900 SERIES: Reliable legacy products this "older generation" of benchtop ultrasonic welders and power supplies was Branson’s first generation of Advanced weld controls. Any combination of Time, Energy and/or Distance controls in 15 kHz, 20 kHz and 40 kHz.


BRANSON® 800 SERIES: Oldest generation benchtop ultrasonic welding machines that are still supported and warrantied. Balances cost and performance. 


INTEGRATED WELDERS: 800 Series / 900-IW Series / 2000-IW and 2000-IW+

Branson 2000IW & 2000IW+ Series: These self-contained welders are Bransons latest models.
20 kHz units available in 1100-, 2200- and 3300-watt models.

Branson 900-IW & 900-IW+ models: The predecessor to the 2000IW models also self-contained welders are available in 1000- and 2000-watt models. Weld by Time or Distance controls.

BRANSON® 800 IW SERIES: 8200/8400/8600/8700 Branson older generation of integrated (IW) Solid Sate controlled benchtop ultrasonic welding machines that are still supported and warrantied by Sonitek!
Available in power ranges from 400 watts up to 1500 watts. Easy to learn and use model! Balances cost and performance for a good low cost and exceptionally reliable welder!


We design & build Horns/Fixtures/Custom Automation Systems for all makes and models of Sonic Welders!