Heat Staking

Sonitek Heat staking presses are designed with our 30+ years of expertise building precision systems. They are packed with advanced features and options to make your thermal application run more reliably and more repeatable than ever before!

Application examples include:

  • Heat staking and Heat Swaging all thermoplastics materials
  • Encapsulation
  • Installing Threaded Inserts, Torque and Compression Limiters and other fasteners
  • Sealing Membranes and other Filter and Film materials
  • Date-Coding and Serializing Components
  • Hot-knife degating & Trimming applications
  • Heat Sealing connectors (HSC) to printed circuit boards (PCBs)

We have a large selection of models such as:

VERTEX Series: our newest model with improvements such as Self-Calibration, Integrated Temperature controls, Presets, Data Export, and many mechanical upgrades (7 in touchscreen, 4 post thruster, dovetail cast column) to ensure accuracy and precision.

ULTRA Series: our “mid-level” yet feature rich Thermal Press with a broad range of options and accessories with a multi-level control package via color touch screen controls. Expandable I/O.

VERTEX BASIC Series: our low cost compact thermal press with basic “easy to use” touch screen controls and integrated system controllers. Limited I/O.

TS-100 Series: hand operated press ideal for low volume production runs or for prototyping applications.

High Tonnage: Larger presses w/ up to 5 tons of force or more.

Custom System: Specially engineered machines for unique jobs & parts.

LT Series: Compact thermal staking units for automation users and integrators.