Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic Welders are used in the joining of two or more thermoplastic parts through the precise control of vibration, which generates friction between the parts, achieving a uniform bond between the parts. Ultrasonic can also be used to in joining non-ferrous metals to create a strong weld without the use of applied heat or electric current. 

Sonitek has a large selection of Ultrasonic Welders models & solutions:

Branson® Ultrasonic Welders: Benchtop ultrasonic welding machines available in a variety of frequencies (20 kHz, 40 kHz, 15 kHz), power levels (400 - 4400 watts) and control levels (time, energy, distance, force). Refurbished (& Warrantied) models available: save 60% over new. We also build horns & fixtures!

Custom Ultrasonic Systems: Sonitek's in house customs division can customize your systems with a wide variety of options such as: vision inspection, pick place eject robots, light curtains, three sided guarded machine stands, multi-head systems, lighting and alert towers, data integration, barcoding, & much more.

Power Supplies / Generators: Used in automation and continuous process control our power supplies come in a variety of frequencies, power levels, and control levels. 

Actuators: For automation houses looking to mount actuators into custom systems. We also service and repair damaged actuators.

Handheld Ultrasonic Welders: Simple easy to use hand operated welders. Welds by Remote (Continuous), Time, Energy or Peak Power!

Metal Welders: Weld dissimilar non-ferrous metal without using applied heat or electric current passing through components. Spot welders, wire splicing, seam welders, metal tube sealers, battery tab welders.

Sound Enclosures & Film Feeders: Reduce ultrasonic vibration noise &/OR eliminates part marking and scuffing from the ultrasonic welding process with these solutions.