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The Sonitek Air Press AP Series (AP = All Air Press) bench-top air press runs entirely on shop air and requires No electrical power to operate!

Available in three cylinder sizes the AP all air press system is an ideal compact bench-top press for small precision pressing operations. Pressing forces range from 0-1400 lbs depending on model chosen.


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All Sonitek AP model air presses are available with the following standard features and additional options:


KEY Features:


  • No electricity required for AP models (runs fully on shop air alone)
  • Multi bolt hole circle patterns in base for mounting lower jigs/fixtures.
  • Rugged head assembly with non-rotation designs.
  • Pre-drilled and Counterbored through holes for easy upper tool mounting.
  • Micro-adjustable positive stop standard (VCU optional)
  • Pre-lubricated cylinder is suitable for oil free use.
  • All presses are virtually maintenance-free as all moving parts are mounted in bushings and/or bearings.
  • Two hand anti tie down safety circuitry on ALL bench-top models
  • Dual palm start buttons
  • Air Filter & Regulator with Tag out /Lock out.
  • Adjustable nomenclature for optimizing process including gross head height, stroke in .001” increments, pressing forces, and stroke speeds.
  • Easy change over to different tool and part heights via height adjustment crank with lock.
  • Easy upper tool mount options including optional quick change precision dovetails and ¾” shank mounts with standard mounting plate.
  • Parts counter option (resettable) available on all models
  • Velocity and Distance Control option using Sonitek’s Proprietary optional VCU Device (Velocity & Distance Control Unit) Patent Pending.
  • Optional base-mounted leveling plate for fixture squaring.


Model AP-5 AP-10 AP-3
Power requirements: NONE NONE NONE
Current draw: NONE NONE NONE
Pneumatic requirements: Clean Dry Air @ 100 PSIG Clean Dry Air @ 100 PSIG Clean Dry Air @ 100 PSIG
Maximum Force on part 510 lbs (231.3 kg) 1400 lbs (635kg) 325 lbs (147.4kg)
Air Consumption .88 CFM at full stroke of 4.9” 1.76 CFM at full stroke of 4.9” .56 CFM at full stroke of 4.9”
Stroke Length 4.9” (125mm) 4.9” (125mm) 4.9” (125mm)
Head Height Clearance 0-22” (0-559) 5.5”- 26.5”  (140-673mm) 0-13” (0-330mm)
Throat Depth 6” (152mm) 6” (152mm) 4” (100mm)
Weight 155 lbs (70 kg) 210 lbs (95kg) 125 lbs (56kg)
Ambient Temperature 41-122 F (5-50C) 41-122 F (5-50C) 41-122 F (5-50C)
PDF Drawing Dimensions links:  AP-3 Drawing (.PDF)  AP-5 Drawing (.PDF)  AP-10 Drawing (.PDF)


Available with MINI Column to fit in medical industrial glove boxes:

ap3-mini-right-min.png ap3-mini-front-min.png ap3-mini-left-min.png



Available Options:


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