Announcing VERTEX Heat Staking Presses

8th Mar 2021

Announcing VERTEX Heat Staking Presses

Offering high speed, ergonomic & repeatable solutions for multi-point insertion applications, precise heat staking of plastic boss’, filter & membrane sealing, and many more plastics joining applications.

Introducing VERTEX by Sonitek. The VERTEX Heat Staking Press was designed from the start to set new standards in quality, safety, & performance

New VERTEX hardware features include our redesigned base with optical touch palm buttons.

A new super rigid Column design allows for quick and easy gross head height adjustment with no loss of perpendicularity due to its precise dove tail design.

A new 4 post non-rotating Heavy-Duty Actuator system is available in three force sizes 5 inches of stroke available (custom stroke lengths are also available).

An expansive high resolution 7-inch touchscreen provides clear & easily understood process parameters with highly visible alarms.

Sonitek has designed an industry first Self-Calibration procedure for measurement values such as Time, Pressure, Temperature, Distance, & Force for increased accuracy and compliance purposes.

Our redesigned Velocity Control Unit offers simplified measurable settings to control velocity throughout the applications process along with accurate positive stop positioning.

The new Electronic Pressure Regulator option allows for process pressure to be settable with limits. Distance feedback and down speed velocity are available with our linear encoder upgrade.

To compliment the new hardware our redesigned Human Machine Interface allows all process parameters to be securely accessed with intuitive touchscreen controls.

New software features include Integrated Temperature Controls for quick and easy adjustments.

Presets to quickly recall & save parameters for multi-application setups.

Multi-Level user settable password protection of setup mode and the advanced menu.

USB Data Export is available to export valuable information for analytics and troubleshooting.

Additional advanced software features include Units of Measurement, improved auto-tuning of zones, monitor mode with remote thermocouple, and easy output mapping of temperature zones.

For automation houses & integrators a full suite of Hybrid Automation capabilities allow VERTEX to be used in any system thanks to its modularity and configurability.

Hybrid VERTEX systems can be customized by Sonitek with rotary indexing tables, pick and place robots, eject of parts, parts presence sensing, and vision inspection systems to validate parts before and/or after the process is complete.

Custom machine stands are available with safety guarding, light curtains, lighting, and shelving.

VERTEX is more precise, more versatile, more capable. Contact us today to experience our 30 years of machine building and applications assistance. 

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