VIDEO: Sonitek Rotary table with Branson Ultrasonic welders

12th Nov 2021

VIDEO: Sonitek Rotary table with Branson Ultrasonic welders

Our rotary systems are easily incorporated into our heatstaking presses or ultrasonic welders to increase cycle rates of your assembly operations. Almost all systems utilize automatic ejection features to make it very easy for operators to load assemblies as fast as they can. Other operations combined with plastic assembly include inspection stations such as leak testing or part/component presence testing, filling or loading stations, decorating stations and date coding.

Rotary System for Thermal Assembly and Ultrasonic Welding

Are you looking for an efficient and secure rotary system for thermal assembly or ultrasonic welding? If that's the case, let me introduce you to the Rotary System – an impressive machine built on a heavy-duty frame, equipped with several high-quality features, and designed for safe and efficient operation. In this blog post, I will share with you the primary components and functionality of this rotary system, how it ensures safety while operating, and its unique features.

Machine Structure and Components

The Rotary System boasts a robust frame that includes:

  • Locking caster wheels for smooth movement

  • Forklift tubes for easy transportation

  • Shelves to house power supplies

  • Electrical NEMA enclosures containing all the electronics

Dial Table and Control Panel

The machine is built with an electronically indexed dial table and a remote start system that has essential functions such as:

  • Single power button

  • Start

  • Stop

  • E-stop

  • Reset

The system's control panel allows users to access numerous options, such as examining the I/O status.

Light Curtain Protected Load and Unload System

One of the system's outstanding safety features is the light curtain, which guards the load and unload system. The light curtain enables operators to load parts while staying behind a protective barrier, shielding them from moving parts.

Machine Operation and Safety Features

Light Curtain Safety Feature

When operating the machine, it will continue to index as long as the light curtain remains uninterrupted. However, the machine stops indexing if the light curtain is broken, ensuring the safety of the operator during part loading. Once the light curtain is restored, the machine resumes operation.

Auto Eject System and Part Presence Sensor

This rotary system is equipped with an auto eject system, making it easy for the operator to load parts.

The machine also features a part presence sensor, which ensures the sonic welder only operates when parts are present. This sensor is based on laser reflectivity, guaranteeing accurate part detection.

Additional Safety Mechanisms

Aside from the light curtain, the machine also has several hinged doors on all three sides. These doors have locking systems, furnished with sensors that trigger machine shut down if needed. The machine's e-stop function can be remotely reset, allowing smooth operation after a halted process.

The Rotary System is designed to protect operators while loading parts. If the light curtain guarding the welders and moving parts is breached, the machine stops to ensure the operator remains safe. Following this precaution, the welding system can be reset, the table re-homed, and the machine prepared to continue operation.

In Conclusion

The Rotary System for thermal assembly and ultrasonic welding is a durable, efficient, and safe solution for those seeking a reliable and high-quality rotary system. With its robust frame, electronically indexed dial table, light curtain-protected load and unload system, auto eject system, part presence sensor, and other safety mechanisms, this machine guarantees a secure and productive operation. Don't hesitate to consider upgrading your current welding assembly systems with the Rotary System.