VIDEO: Sonitek TS-100 Heat Staking Press Overview

18th Dec 2023

VIDEO: Sonitek TS-100 Heat Staking Press Overview

Discover the ultimate solution for low volume production and prototyping in our latest video on the Sonitek TS-100 Series. This state-of-the-art machine is a game-changer in efficiently installing threaded inserts into plastic parts.

About the Sonitek TS-100 Series: The TS-100 stands out with its versatility, allowing for various applications. It comes equipped with a Tapped 1/4 -28 probe for easy tip interchange, and an optional heated platen for mounting multiple thermal tips. Constructed on a robust cast aluminum base, it features a 1 ¼” diameter solid stainless-steel column, adjustable for a 3-inch stroke distance and ensuring precise control of the Z-axis depth.

Heat Staking Process Explained: Learn about the innovative heat staking process, where heat deforms a plastic component for fastening or joining another part. We delve into how the TS-100's integrated hydraulic speed control optimizes this process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Advanced Temperature Control: The machine includes one or two temperature controllers, adjustable from 80 – 600°F, facilitating a wide range of applications. Plus, its lever-actuated mechanism with a spring-loaded return makes operation a breeze.

Power and Certification: Operating on 120v or 240v, the TS-100 is CE certified, ensuring top-notch safety and performance standards.

Customization and Tooling: Custom thermal tip kits are available for both staking and insertion. The machine's quick heater disconnects and modular design make changing tooling fast and straightforward. All tooling is cross-compatible with other Sonitek machines.

Post-Cooling Feature: We highlight the importance of post-cooling, particularly for high-melting-temperature thermoplastics or spring retention applications.

Proudly Made in the USA: Sonitek's range of Benchtop heat staking machines, alongside Ultrasonic Welders and tooling, are all built in the USA. Our systems are adaptable for automation, featuring rotary tables, robots, machine stands, part ejection, and sensing capabilities.

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