Branson® PT-250 (PT250) hand held

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Branson® handheld 20 kHz ultrasonic welding system with the following components:
Ultrasonic Power supplies available:

905D: $4,500.00
910B: $4,500.00
910BCA: $4,950.00
910D: $5,250.00
91ODA: $5,950.00
910M: $5,950.00
91OMA: $6,500.00
2000BDC: $7,950.00 (1100 watts)

NEW model PT-250 handheld style welder with trigger switch built into the grip and 8’ long cable.
Rebuilt model 402 converter installed into pistol grip
Manual in pdf format
Set of two Spanner wrenches to change tooling with.
90 day limited warranty


*Requires Exponential Horn:


1/2" Flat Face:

1/4" Flat Face:

3/8" Flat Face:

Medium Knurled horn: Contact us.