Branson® Ultrasonic Sound Enclosures (Dukane® Compatible)

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Sound Enclosures for Ultrasonic Welding Applications by Sonitek

Reduce ultrasonic vibration noise to a comfortable level with our full sized sound enclosure.
Our sound enclosures are welded from Extruded Aluminum Framework and lined with high-efficiency sound deadening acoustical foam.

The front and back poly-carbonate panels are hinged with interlock switches to provide easy access to the ultrasonic welder.
Enclosures can be pre-wired.

The sound enclosure features a clear vertical-sliding, pneumatically-operated access door for easy part access.
The sound enclosure comes with external emergency stop and palm buttons.

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The Sonitek SoniBox sound enclosure is our small sound enclosure that can easily fit onto the base of you Ultrasonic Welder. Below is a photo and PDF drawings of it:





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