Coin & Card Encapsulation using Ultrasonic welders

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Let Sonitek's ultrasonic plastic welding systems take care of your business's coin/card encapsulation needs!


What is coin and card encapsulation? 

- Once graded, each coin is sonically sealed inside its protective, tamper-evident holder. A special tag within indicated the coin's certification number, grade, date, denomination, unique bar code & pedigree if applicable. 


Using ultrasonic welding coins and cards can be ultrasonically sealed into tamper-evident, sonically-sealed, high security capsules.

The hard plastic holder provides optimum protection for safe, long-term storage of rare coins and cards.

Upon encapsulation a coin will remain unaffected by the detracting forces that a coin exposed to the air normally experiences in the course of its existence.

The rigidly sturdy, synthetic capsule will afford your coins and cards more protection from any severe accidental knocks.


We also have a full inventory of refurbished Branson & Dukane ultrasonic welders that we can customize to fit your encapsulation needs.