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The Sonitek RS Series (RS = Rugged and Small) are precision compact units designed for use on bench tops or installation into semi automated or fully automated systems by removing the rigid upright frame from the base and can be mounted in ANY orientation or direction. Don't buy just any air cylinder when you can get these precise pneumatic presses designed for robust and precise use!





Power requirements:
Current draw:
Pneumatic requirements:
Clean Dry Air @ 100 PSIG
(690 kPa)
Clean Dry Air @ 100 PSIG
(690 kPa)
Clean Dry Air @ 100 PSIG
(690 kPa)
Maximum Force on part
@ 100 PSIG
440 lbs (177kg)
1200 lbs (276 kg)
2400 lbs (707kg)
Air Consumption in 
CFM at 5 CPM:
.56 CFM at full stroke of 4.0”
.88 CFM at full stroke of 4.0”
1.76 CFM at full stroke of 4.0”
Stroke Length
4.0” (101mm)
4.0” (101mm)
4.0” (101mm)
Head Height Clearance
10" (254mm)
10" (254mm)
10" (254mm) "
Throat Depth
6" (152mm)
6" (152mm)
6" (152mm)
Weight (untooled)
125 lbs (56kg)
130 lbs (58kg)
135 lbs (60kg)
Ambient Temperature
41-122 F (5-50C)
41-122 F (5-50C)
41-122 F (5-50C)
Power Factor
CAD Drawings (.PDF)

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All Sonitek RS model air presses are available with these standard features and additional options:
KEY Features:

  • 4.0” stroke length adjustable from 0-full Stroke
  • Rugged head assembly with non-rotation design.
  • Micro-adjustable positive stop standard
  • Rugged head assembly with non-rotation designs.
  • Pre-lubricated cylinder is suitable for oil free use.


  • Pneumatic control remote package kit with 24V solenoid valve, filter, gauge and regulator.
  • Longer strokes (any) or shorter too.
  • Custom tooling and Guard packages available (Requires RFQ)

Sonitek Air Presses are cleverly designed to help you reduce the cost of both implementation and actual production in your assembly and pressing operations!
These small compact presses are ideal when precision matters for small crimping, heat sealing, bending, forming, pressing, swaging, riveting, burnishing or any other task that may require the use of small pneumatic presses for your production floor! They take up very little space!
Since 1989, Sonitek has produced high quality innovative and technological advances into the field of secondary assembly operations. Sonitek is the Market Leader for innovative Heat Staking and Sealing Systems and Tooling.


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Sonitek has a wide variety of solutions for custom tooling/options & application testing.  


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