ServoStaker: Servo Electric Heat Staking Machine

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Servostaker™ Heat Staking Machine


Sonitek presents the Servostaker™, an innovative all-electric heatstaking system designed to meet the exacting demands of modern manufacturing. Utilizing servo-driven motors and cutting-edge digital controls, the Servostaker™ delivers precision heatstaking for thermoplastic parts across various industries. From automotive to medical and electronic device manufacturers, this advanced solution ensures unparalleled control and reliability, making it the ideal choice for applications requiring precision and accuracy.


  • Precision Control: Servostaker™ offers precise control of multi-stage forces, varying velocity, absolute and incremental distance, and thermodynamics, ensuring repeatable and reliable results.
  • Digital Process Controls: Equipped with new digital temperature controlling power supplies and optional SPC software, along with advanced temperature sensors, the Servostaker™ delivers precise heatstaking tailored to ISO 9001 factories' requirements.
  • Safety Compliance: Meets or exceeds category 4 safety requirements and complies with CE, NEC, OSHA, and CSA guidelines, ensuring a safe operating environment.
  • Custom Tooling: Engineered standard and custom tooling designs cater to specific application needs, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.


  • Slide Tables, Turntables, and Full Automatic Loading/Unloading Equipment: Enhance operational efficiency and streamline production processes with optional equipment.
  • POKE YOKE Features: Part presence sensors ensure all required assembly components are accounted for, reducing rejects caused by operator errors.
  • Tooling Solutions: From heatstaking to installing threaded inserts, Sonitek offers complete thermal processing tooling solutions for various applications.


  • Large color touch screen display with easy-to-use menu structure
  • Programmable multi-parameter process control limits
  • RS-232 connection for data transfer
  • On-board storage for multiple setups and recalls
  • Password protection for setup parameters
  • Lockable electronically interlocked door for unauthorized access prevention


  • Automotive: Airbags, steering wheel emblem attachment, instrument cluster assembly.
  • Medical: Filter and membrane sealing for medical parts.
  • Electronic: Circuit board and backplane connector attachment, precise installation of threaded brass inserts into thin-walled housings.

Safety Features:

  • Anti-tie down/anti-repeat circuitry
  • Light curtains and electronically interlocked safety enclosures
  • Master Control relays for e-stop functions
  • Additional safety and ergonomic features for operator comfort and increased cycle times.


Full three-year parts and labor warranty in North America.


Meets all NEC, OSHA, CSA CE, and NAFTA certification requirements.

The Servostaker™ Heat Staking Machine from Sonitek sets a new standard in precision heatstaking, offering manufacturers unparalleled control, reliability, and safety for their critical applications.