Ultrasonic Welding Horns/Sonotrodes

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Standard Ultrasonic Horns

Available in titanium, aluminum or hardened steel!

Exponential & Catenoidal Horns

These horns are available with tapped faces for replaceable tips up to 1" in diameter or with solid faces up to 2-1/2" and are available in titanium, aluminum, or hardened tool steel. All tapped horns are machined from titanium. Special faces can be machined onto these designs including contour milling and EDM machining.

Exponential and Catenoidal Horns

Rectangular Horns 26" Long

Standard designs are available in lengths up to 26" long with a 2-1/2" maximum width. All of our horns are designed to vibrate with even amplitude across the entire face at reduced power.

Rectangular Horns

Round Horns: Solid & Hollow

These horns are available with high or low gain ratios and are made from titanium or aluminum. The face diameter (working surface) can start at .010" O.D. and any dimensions up to 6" with a flat solid face. Plating such as hard chrome, carbide coatings, and titanium nitride are commonly used to protect against wear.

Round Solid or Hollow Horns

Block Horns/ Couplers

Machined from aluminum only, these horns are available up to 9" x 12". They require higher power units to run efficiently. Extender horns are sometimes attached to the face to weld applications requiring high amplitude or for parts with high profiles requiring deep relief cuts into a horn's face.

Block Horns and Couplers

Composite Designs

Composite designs with standard horns allow us to provide concentrated energy where it needs to be. Any combination of horns can be "COUPLED" together to solve your welding application.

Composite Horns

Round Solid Horns

(Larger horns have slotted faces) Up to 12-1/8" O.D. these horns are the most efficient designs for ultrasonic welding.

Round Solid Horns

Custom Ultrasonic Horns

Engineered to fit your special welding requirements

Nodal Plunger

A built-in spring-loaded isolated clamp is used to reduce stress damage on certain welding applications. They are ideal for staking applications that require a pre-clamp for a tight assembly.

Nodal Plunger

Composite Horns

Ideal for welding large parts requiring high amplitude avoiding deep reliefs into the horn. They are also used to stake multiple studs or install several small inserts, reducing the need for additional welders.

Large composite block horn for welding complex geometries.

Composite Block Horn

Contoured Horns

Machined into the face of any horn directly from the molded part. These chrome plated horns are designed to weld complex geometrical shapes often found in the toy and medical industry.

Contoured milled block horn (Chrome plated aluminum).

Contoured Milled Block Horn

Purchasing Ultrasonic Tooling: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to ultrasonic tooling for plastic joining, selecting the right tools and understanding the specific needs of your application are crucial for achieving optimal results. Here is a detailed guide on the types of ultrasonic horns available and the essential information we require from customers to ensure the best tooling solutions for your needs.

Types of Ultrasonic Horns

  1. Standard Ultrasonic Horns
    • Materials: Available in titanium, aluminum, or hardened steel.
    • Designs: Exponential & Catenoidal, Rectangular, Round (Solid & Hollow), Block Horns/Couplers, Composite Designs, Large Round Solid Horns
  2. Custom Ultrasonic Horns
    • Nodal Plunger, Composite Horns, Contoured Horns

Information We Need From You

To provide the best ultrasonic tooling solution, we need specific information about your application. Here are the details that will help us tailor the tooling to your needs:

  • Material Specifications: Type of plastic(s) being welded, material thickness and dimensions.
  • Welding Requirements: Description of the welding application, desired outcomes.
  • Part Design: CAD drawings or detailed schematics, information on special features.
  • Production Volume: Estimated production run size.
  • Current Challenges: Any issues faced with existing processes or tooling.
  • Machine Specifications: Details of the ultrasonic welding machine in use.

Providing this information allows us to design and manufacture ultrasonic horns that meet your exact needs, ensuring high-quality welds and efficient production.

For more details or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact our engineering team. We look forward to helping you achieve optimal results with our custom ultrasonic tooling solutions.