Web & Foil Index Feeders for Heat Sealing Membranes (Cut & Seal)

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Easily adapted to any make or model of Ultrasonic Welder!


Sonitek Film Feeders

  • Eliminates part marking and scuffing from the ultrasonic welding process
  • Attaches to any make or model of Ultrasonic welder by simply bolting it to the base plate
  • Servo Motors
  • Available with activation switch or automatic interface cable for all Ultrasonic welders
  • Solid state electronic design

For 900 & 2000X Branson & Dukane's:

  • Spring loaded Film Guides
  • Automatic take up
  • Adjustable in the z axis to accommodate any fixture/part height
  • Index is controlled with digital timer
  • Film available in 3" or 6" wide tube, or use your own


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