Bench-top Heat Staking Presses

Sonitek Heat Staking Machines were designed from the start to set new standards in quality, safety, & performance. Offering high speed, ergonomic & repeatable solutions for precise and repeatable thermal applications, like heat staking (riveting) of plastic bosses, insertion, filter & membrane sealing, and many more plastics joining applications.

Available in 4 different benchtop (and less base) models:

VERTEX mini/MAX is our newest model with improvements such as an industry first Self-Calibration Process, Integrated Temperature controls, Presets, Jog Mode, & Data Export. Includes many mechanical upgrades (7 in touchscreen, 4 post thruster, dovetail cast column) to ensure accuracy and precision.

ULTRA models are more advanced w/ extra IO & options when compared with our BASIC models. 

VERTEX BASIC models are our classic heat staking presses that are simple & cost effective.

TS-100 is our hand operated arbor press. Perfect for labs and low volume production. 

Need More? We also have High Tonnage, Thrusters, & Custom Systems.