VERTEX mini/MAX Series

The VERTEX MINI & VERTEX MAX SERIES advanced Heat Staking Presses were designed from the start to set new standards in quality, safety, & performance. Offering high speed, ergonomic & repeatable solutions for precise and repeatable thermal applications, like heat staking (riveting) of plastic bosses, insertion, filter & membrane sealing, and many more plastics joining applications.

Available in 2 sizes and 4 forces.

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VERTEX MINI & VERTEX MAX side by side.

Key Features

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Heat Staking Processes:

840numb.gif stak.gif


Standard tips available for inserts up to 3/8" or M10


Custom platens available to stake several studs/tabs simultaneously.

degat.gif datecoding.gif


Heated sharp blades with beveled edge can cut gate flush to -.010

Date Coding

Use type holders or multi-wheel numbering for permanent part I.D.

Options & Accessories


Self-Calibration procedure & software for measurement values of Time, Pressure, Temperature, Distance for increased accuracy and compliance purposes Sonitek supplies the following:

  • 1: User-Calibration Feature & Certificate:
    • Enables embedded controls on Vertex machine for calibration.
    • Includes initial Factory Calibration & Calibration Certificate
  • 2: Calibration Toolkit (P/N 600-1320):
    • Includes 1 manual & Calibration Worksheet for step-by-step customer-calibration instructions for customer use.
    • Includes 1 set of adaptor cables, fittings, & harnesses for connecting customer calibration equipment to a Vertex Machine
  • 3: Calibration Equipment (P/N 600-1321):
    • Includes recommended calibration equipment such as a thermocouple simulator, digital pressure gauge, oscilloscope, blank Calibration Certificate, and Calibration labels.
Option 1 is sold per machine.
Option 2/3 is can be used on multiple machines.


Weight: Approx. 170 lbs. (77 kg) Approx. 300 lbs. (136 kg)  
Footprint: 14.01" wide (356mm) x 20.51" deep (521mm) x 33" high (838 mm) 16” wide (406 mm) x 26.625” (676 mm) deep x 40.5” high (102 mm)  
Throat Depth 5" (127 MM) 8” (203 mm)  
Stroke: 5" (127 mm) 5" (127 mm)  
Height Adjustment 13.5" (342 mm) 19” (483 mm)  

Power & Zone Options:

Air Requirement: ALL MODELS = Clean (5 micron), dry air, 80 psi @ 20 CFM min.

Air consumption= Stroke length (in.) x Cycles/min x SCFM factor
Power Factor: (3.14 = V3 Series), (7.07 = V5 Series), (12.57 = V10 Series), (19.64 = V20 Series) 


* Lower forces also available via an optional “Low Force Option” package.


Electrical Load Limits: Download Load Limits.PDF
*Specifications and design are subject to change without any notice or obligation on the part of the manufacturer.